David Davis

My name is David Davis and I'm a Christian, husband, father of two girls, software engineer living in Crestview, FL.

My wife (Becki) and I were born and raised in Fort Walton Beach, FL.

I work during the day running HardWired, Inc., writing desktop, web-based and specialty server software for my clients.

You can contact me at: webcontact[at@at]

About the blog

This blog sits on a linode VPS running Debian 6, and is served to you through a varnish and nginx stack. Dynamic content is served through a python interpreter in a virtualenv, assembled with the django framework (with the blogyall app), pulling data from postgresql (9.x). Website analytics are powered by piwik. python-twitter (now with oauth) is used to wrap the twitter api for the steady stream of mensaesque pithiness. jquery is in place to simplify the javascript.
David Davis