The Holy Bible - django app

This is a Python package / django app for storing and interfacing with the Holy Bible.


You can download source code at the github repo located at:

The KJV Bible JSON Data is avilable for download here: KJV Bible Data in JSON (kjv_bible.json 9.2MB)


django-bible - A Bible app for the django web framework

django-bible is a Python package / django app for interfacing with the Holy Bible.

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A setup script ( is provided.  To install, simply run the script with the install command:

$ python install

Or just put the bible package somewhere in the Python path.

Once the bible package is in place, add "bible" to your list of installed applications and run your django syncdb command.

Once the tables have been created, you need to populate the tables with Bible data.

Bible Data

A JSON dump of the entire KJV Bible is available from the link above.

You can load the downloaded Bible data into your project's database using the django loaddata command.


David Davis

David Davis