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April 03, 2010
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I have some things that I'd like to publish, but until then...

I wrote this blog engine with python on top of the django framework. I pulled ideas from the blog engines I could review in a reasonable amount of time, and after considering different approaches, I came up with blogYall! You can find more information and a link to the public mercurial git repository at

I come from a C# .NET background and have been writing Windows desktop software (professionally) in C++ since MFC (Just before .NET and WinForms). I learned about python and the django framework in 2009 and had already written an entire framework on top of ASP.NET (with heavy use of reflection) to do a lot of what django does (pluggable apps, dynamic admin, ORM, generic data layer, caching), albeit not as well. After a friend got me looking into alternatives to Windows and Microsoft technologies, I've found that the software technology world is round, and there is a large, booming, and amazing Open Source community with a plethora of great technologies more advanced, clean, innovative, disciplined, and funner to work with than the technologies I've been using. And to top it off, it's much cheaper.

I'm now loading Linux on everything I can get my hands on... laptop, netbook, old computers, VPS (Several servers). I run Arch Linux with KDE Openbox as my primary workstation.

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