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December 05, 2011
posted in: Programming - tags: django, python

It has been almost 13 months since my last blog entry! I've been using the projects section of the site more than the blog.

In the last few weeks, I've posted a couple of Bible related python tools on the projects page.

django-bible is a django Bible app for integrating the KJV Bible into a django web project. On the project page, you will find a link to the source code and a link to the JSON file containing the complete text of the KJV Bible.

python-scriptures is a python package and regular expression library for identifying and extracting scripture references from blocks of text. It also normalizes the book name and validates the reference to make sure the chapters and verse numbers are accurate.

    # Extract scripture references

    >>> import scriptures
    >>> scriptures.extract('This is a test Rom 3:23-28 and 1 JOHn 2')
    [('Romans', 3, 23, 3, 28), ('I John', 2, 1, 2, 29)]

Read more about python-scriptures, here.

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